Greetings Traveller,

I'm a recent Advanced Computer Science Masters Graduate from Liverpool Hope University with multiple years commerical experience as a Software Developer. I have a passion for learning and I love making awesome ideas reality.

My interests are: Software/Web Development, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Artifical Intelligence.

Fluent in the Following: Python, C#, JavaScript, and MatLab


MS. Advanced Computer Science - Liverpool Hope University

BS. Computer Science - Liverpool Hope University
Here is a list of personal projects or projects I have the right to showcase, company owned projects are referenced on my CV.


Inspired by Labyrinth Toys. This game is created in Unity using C#, a game which procedurally generates a maze to navigate a ball through via rotation.

Maze VR

The maze game but adapted for Virtual Reality. Uses occulus rift.


A Cute 2D Sidescroller demo created in Lua

Facial Emotion Recognition

University Project: Computer Vision / AI project capable of detecting emotion.

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